Bridal Spray Tanning Packages

We recommend the Clear Norvell Spray to avoid stains on the wedding dress for all brides.


Bride Trial & Big Day Spray: $90

This includes a custom full Clear Norvell body trial spray that allows you and the spray tan artist to achieve exactly what you are looking for in a Spray Tan on your big day.


Trio for Bride: $130

Three Full Body Norvell Sprays. We usually recommend a Trial, Big Day Wedding Spray and Maybe one for the Honeymoon, Engagement Shoot or Bridal Shower.


Bride + Bridesmaids: $100+

Champagne (or Juice). A Good Time. Perfect Norvell Full Body Spray Tans. Brides who bring in their Bridesmaids get a Special Price.

Bride w/3+ Bridesmaids - $45 Each 


5+Bridesmaids - $40 Each and Bride gets a free spray


If you would like to book just one Luxury Norvell Spray Tan, they are available for $50. 


* We are pretty flexible, if you have any questions, Please don't hesitate to call (225-508-7575) or send us a message at