Golden Glow 

                    Mobile Spray  Tanning Rates

 We only need enough space for a small tent for you to stand in and two outlets! Our services are simple and relatively quick! Most tanning sessions usually last 15-20 minutes from start to finish.


Mobile Spray Tanning Rates


Full body spray tan

30 minutes • $40.00


Full body spray tan using one of our regular solutions that you rinse off in 24 hours for best results. We have a variety of color options based on your needs and skin tone.


Rapid Solution Full body Spray tan

30 minutes • 50.00


We carry a rapid solution, that develops within 1 - 3 hours, that way you can wash off your bronze or sooner and get back to normal activities while your tan continues to develop till you reach 24 hr.


Group Rate


group together and everyone wins! Rates are based on the number of people attending the spray tan party. 2 people is $35 each. 3 people is $30 each. 4 - 6 people is $25 each and 7 + people is $20 each. This price cannot be included with people who are already signed up for our unlimited package. Or in conjunction with a special price for single full body spray tans. This rate doesn't include the Rapid Solution.