Where can I find ingredients for the products?

Full ingredients on each product is listed on the back of every product label and also on the pro store under the ingredient tab of each product https://shop.yourperfectglow.com/

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 How do I use the prep spray and is it the same as another company PH spray?

Perfect Glow Sunless solution is already PH balanced. Our prep spray is not a PH balancer but was formulated to prime & clean the skin for the sunless tanning application. This is a must have to use on your clientele. Even if clients shower there can still be an invisible film on the skin from soap, shampoo and bath products, These things can create a barrier preventing the sunless tan from developing in certain areas. Using a prep spray on your client before the spray tan application can help ensure that the skin is clean as possible and help prevent developmental issues from the skin not being as clean as possible.

How to use? Apply via spray liberally to help clean and prep the skin. Wipe off immediately with a cloth or paper towel prior to the sunless tanning application. FDA recommends the use of protective nose filters, protective eye wear, lip balm and protective undergarments.


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 Why is the solution beading or dripping

Your gun  might be open too much causing too much solution to hit the skin resulting in beading. Or you might be spraying too slow.

First try to close the gun flow a bit. If this does not help spray a little faster.


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 Equipment Questions

If you are experiencing any equipment issues and purchased it through Perfect Glow Sunless you must contact Maximist direct for any trouble shooting issues or repairs. They can be reached at 727-834 -9435 or by visiting https://www.maximist.co/ 

If you purchased your equipment from another sunless company please contact them for assistance

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 Is your DHA organic?

This is a common misconception in the sunless industry. There is no such thing as organic DHA. Perfect Glow Sunless uses EcoCert dha which is the purest form but not organic. Here is their statement regarding this http://www.ecocert.com/en/ecocert-statement-dha


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 IMPORTANT Tips for testing our solution


Perfect Glow Sunless is a water based blend and is thinner than most other solutions as it does not have any thickening agents (which is also great since it won’t clog your gun)

It is highly recommended that you close your gun up a little bit before spraying!

If you experience any beading or dipping while spraying the client or it seems extra wet then you need to further adjust your gun setting so the solution flow is reduced. I can not stress this enough! This solution should spray as a fine mist.

With the regular developing solution have the customer rinse off in 8-10 hours. DO NOT HAVE THE CLIENT LEAVE THE SOLUTION ON FOR 24 HOURS BEFORE RINSING OFF. Some manufacturers train this way & recommend this with their solution. It is NOT necessary or recommended with Perfect Glow. Our product is stronger and doing so can product unnatural results.

You can spray 1 coat or 2 light coats ( depending on how you were trained) but they key is to NOT exceed approx 2 ounces of solutions. If you wind up using 4 oz for example that is way too much solution.

When a new salon reports that they got unnatural color the first time they tried Perfect Glow Sunless it was because they did not follow our recommendations did not adjust their gun settings. The technician over saturated the skin because the gun flow was way too strong! When they tested it out again with our recommendations the color was perfect!!


Even if you have used a rapid tanning product before please review our specific recommendations. OUR RAPIDS ARE STRONGER THAN OTHERS and do not have to be left on as long. Every manufacturer’s rapid tan has different formulations & different dha strengths so the processing time will vary. It is important that you try the product first according to our instructions to get the best results.*

The recommended time frame to rinse off is as follows:

1 hour- light (6%)
2 hours- medium (8%)
3 hours- medium/dark (10%)
4 hours- dark (12%)

This blend is not recommended to be left on for over 4 hours. As mentioned above do NOT leave it on 5-6 hours because that is what you are used to with another companies product! You can risk turning unnatural if you do so.

If you have a fair client or are not sure how long to have them leave it on it is recommended that you start at 1 hour and gradually increase at their next session.

It is very important that you advise the client that just like with the regular solution, with the rapid tan they are not to get wet or sweat until they rinse as that can adversely affect the tan development.

When they rinse it is to be with water only no soap. They are not to use any oils, perfume or lotion until the next day as the tan will continue to develop over the next 24 hours.

Please note that you should always advise your client that when they rinse off they might not have much initial color. That is normal as the color will still take 8-10 hours to develop. They are just getting the convenience of rinsing off quick

Please contact us with any questions that you may have &  Happy tanning!

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 What is the best way to remove a spray tan

Soaking in a hot tub will remove the self tanner. If you do not have access to one please read this blog on removal tips:


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 Allergic Reactions

The spray tan solution is a cosmetic and as such reactions can occur. If your client contacts you with any reaction from the spray tan application have them contact a medical professional or 911 .  Perfect Glow Sunless can not administer any medical advice. The sunless products do have food based ingredients & it is the spray tan artists responsibility to know what is in the solution that they use. Always ask  your client if they have any allergies at all as well as specifically asking them if they have food allergies. We list full ingredients on the back of each product label . If you do not have access to the label you can view ingredients for each product on the pro store under the “Ingredient tab” http://shop.yourperfectglow.com/

You can always do a complimentary patch test to see how they will react to the product.

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 If someone normally sunburns can they spray tan?

Yes! I personally have always burned in the sun and take wonderful to sunless tanning. it is recommended that you spray the client with a light natural looking color. *Please note that the sunless tan does not contain sunscreen and that you can still burn on top of a spray tan so please use sunscreen. We recommend Sunbum or Banana Boat lotion. No sunscreen oils.

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 What products will make the tan last longer?

It is crucial that you educate the client on proper post tan care. They are responsible for doing the right things to get the best results from the spray tan session. They should refrain from bar soaps (especially Dove) and moisturize a minimum of 2x a day and drink a lot of water.

Soaps and many body lotions contain SLS and drying alcohols that will strip and fade the tan. Using cheap drugstore products can cause blotching and bad fading.

Our GLOWcare 5 step maintenance system are amazing aftercare products that I formulated specifically to work well with the sunless tan. They are organic based and PETA vegan and cruelty free.

We offer superior products at affordable wholesale rates with low minimums. PETA vegan and cruelty free approved. http://shop.yourperfectglow.com/Wholesale-Aftercare_c_14.html

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 Things that can ruin a spray tan

The client must wait the proper time to rinse. Advise them to not get wet or sweat until you rinse off

Rain will ruin a tan. Make sure they bring an umbrella to their session if it is rainy.

Tight clothes- They cannot wear anything tight until the initial rinse off

Hot tubs- This will remove a sunless tan

Pools and Ocean- Swimming can fade the tan so if the client has water sports planned it is crucial that they use our Tan extender to replenish their color afterwards. http://shop.yourperfectglow.com/Wholesale-Tan-Extender-6-bottle-minimum_p_46.html

Massages- Avoid messages in the days after the spray tan session.

Pedicures- Avoid after getting your spray tan. (Polish change is ok) but no soaking.

When getting out of the shower blot the skin dry, do not rub.

Refrain from soaking in baths.

Avoid any waxing

No skin to skin contact until rinse off

Any anti-aging or acne products can cause the tan to fade

Bug sprays can cause the tan to fade.

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 What should the client wear after getting a spray tan

Wear something loose afterwards and preferably dark color. Tight clothes will ruin the spray tan! Some acceptable clothes are:
• Sundress
• Loose sweat pants
• Loose t shirt or tank top
• Loose shorts
• Flip flops
Unacceptable clothes are:
• Yoga Pants
• Jeans
• Tight spandex tops or bottoms
• Clothes with elastic waist bands
• Socks
• Sneakers
• Closed shoes or boots

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 How long will the color last?

The tan should last anywhere from 4-9+ days. It will depend on the clients hormones, skin PH and how well they follow post tan care. It will also depend on their level of activity ( sports etc) and how well they take care of the tan.

For best results it is recommended that you use our aftercare products as they were formulated specifically to work the best with a sunless tan. A spray tan is affecting the outer layer of the skin so anything that the client does that will exfoliate will result in a quicker fading

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 How long until the color develops?

The client will see instant color due to the cosmetic bronzer however the actual tan takes 9-12 hours to fully develop. With the regular tan option you cannot sweat or get wet until that time or you risk washing off the spray tan! With the rapid tan option they will rinse in 1-4 hours (determined by the spray tan professional) but full color still takes 9-12 hours to fully develop and color for both will continue to darken over the next 24 hours.

For more info on how a rapid tan works please click here https://perfectglowsunless.com/product-information/#qe-faq-804

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 What should the client wear to their spray tan session?

It is recommended that they wear a dark colored swimsuit or undergarments. The tanning solution will wash off but in some cases can stain light colored garments.

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 How does spray tanning work?

The active ingredient is DHA (dihydroxyacetone) and is approved by the FDA for external use. It is the active ingredient in all self-tanners.

Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is derived from sugar beets or cane sugar and is a key active ingredient for natural self-tanners. The skin-browning effect is the result of a nontoxic chemical reaction between DHA and the amino acids which are part of the keratinous layer of the skin’s surface, much like the browning effect in food caramelization. The resulting color is called melanoidins, similar in color to the melanins our bodies produce naturally when exposed to UV rays.

DHA creates a more naturally-looking tan, and fades more evenly, than chemical tanners and is now considered the most effective sunless tanning ingredient. It is also considered the safest form of tanning over chemically-derived self-tanners and sun exposure. The tan will fade gradually over the course of 3-10 days. (Wiki)

Origin: Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is obtained by the fermentation of certain sugars, like sugar cane and beet sugars.

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 How should my client prep for their session?

They should exfoliate 24 hours prior to the session. They should NOT exfoliate the day of as the product can create a skin barrier effecting the outcome of the tan. Exfoliation is important so the skin can be an even canvas and will help the tan last longer.

Client should do any shaving or waxing at least 24 hours before the session. If they shave right or wax right before it can leave a barrier & cause streaking & patches on the legs.

Pedicures should be done the day before the spray tan session.  If it is done right before the massage oils will cause a problem with the tan. If a pedicure is done after the spray tan it will remove the self-tan from the feet and the massage oil can cause the color to streak. Polish change only is OK as long as no lotion or oil is used.

Client should not apply any perfumes, oils or lotions or deodorant to their skin the day of the tan as it can cause developmental issues.

Client should never shower right before the session. They may think that “clean skin” is good but many soaps, hair conditioners and shower products will leave an invisible film on the skin. This can cause the spray tan to develop patchy or streaky. Showering right before the session will hydrate the skin which means that all of the spray tan solution will not be absorbed. This will result in a lighter color on the client.

Instruct the client to NOT use Dove soap before or after the tanning session, this always causes development issues. We recommend our Body Wash. This was made for spray tanning and does not contain any SLS or alcohols. http://shop.yourperfectglow.com/Wholesale-Body-Wash-6-BOTTLE-MINIMUM_p_66.html

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 Can my client use soap?

No, tell your client to NOT use any commerical bar soaps prior to the session and afterwards. Especially Dove soap, This is the worst thing to use and will cause the tan to fade and become patchy. Most times when a client has an issue it is the result of using Dove soap,

Advise your client to also refrain from any exfoliating soaps or body washes. Have them just use a gentle body gel made for spray tanning or free of SLS and alcohols.

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  FDA advisory regarding DHA-

Salons should be posting the FDA recommendations in their salons and providing protective measures for their clients. DHA is a skin colorant used in spray tanning and cosmetics. The FDA has approved its use in cosmetics-including sunless “tanning” products and is restricted to external application. It is not approved to be applied to the lips, eyes or mucous membranes.When applied in a mist during your airbrush tanning session, Perfect Glow Sunless as well as the FDA recommends taking the following protective measures to avoid inhalation or ingestion of DHA. Recommendations for protective measures are:

Face masks


Nose Filters

Eye protection

Lip balm

As always please consult your physician with any concerns or for medical advice. For more information please visit fda.gov


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 Can I mix solutions?

I only recommend mixing Perfect Glow Sunless. I do not recommend mixing with any other brand of solution.

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 My client called and said they were streaky or blotchy, what do I do?

Experience has proven that most people will call with concerns prior to rinsing off. As the professional always ask first if they have showered. If they have not, 99% of the time it remedy’s itself once they rinse. If they tell you they have already rinsed off they probably did not do it long enough and there is still bronzer sticking to them. So advise to do another rinse and that usually solves this issue. If they complain that their legs are streaky ask if they had shaved prior to the session as that is usually the main thing that will cause this ( That’s why its a big no-no to do that and it is important to make sure the clients properly preps and you use a prep spray just in case) it can also be a result of them using bar soaps containing SLS. Body gel made for sunless tanning is always recommended.

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 Why would a client that I sprayed before that loved their tan not pull any color this time

The skin sometimes can be tricky. The simple answer is that most of the time it is from hormonal issues or stress. Many women will experience a very light tan or even not pull any color when they are on their menstrual cycle or very stressed. Also another reason could be that they have not prepped their skin properly. Many clients think that they should shower right before their session, which I do not recommend. That is because their skin is getting hydrated absorbing all the water. That can cause the spray tan solution to not fully absorb resulting in a lighter tan and even beading.

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 Do you offer spray tan training courses?


Yes we do! We have a 5 star rated Spray tan Academy with various training options available. Spray tan training is very important. If you are struggling with basic questions as well we recommend our training.

Please visit https://learntoairbrushtan.com for more information or email us at info@perfectglowsunless.com

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 When will my order ship?

Please allow up to 24 hours for processing of all orders.  Orders under $200 ship USPS priority mail and orders that qualify for free shipping or equipment orders are subject to UPS or FedEx ground shipping determined by Perfect Glow Sunless. Samples & international orders ship out within 48 hours

You will receive tracking info once your order is shipped. Please check your spam folder.

Orders will not be shipped on Fridays in the summer to avoid sitting in a hot warehouse. If you need overnight shipping please contact us to make arrangements.

Perfect Glow Sunless is not responsible for any shipping delays by the mail carrier & the package will delivered without a signature being required so please ensure that you are using a shipping address that will allow that. (Perfect Glow Sunless is not responsible for any theft or damage of your order at your location)

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  Can I use a prep spray or barrier cream with Perfect Glow Sunless?

Yes you can and is highly recommended. The solution is already ph balanced but I recommend using one to make sure the skin is clean. Poor prep will result in issues with the development of the spray tan. Perfect Glow Sunless offers one that is fantastic to further help prime the skin for a sunless tan application. Here is my blog for further reading on why a prep spray is very important to assist with the outcome of the tan. https://perfectglowsunless.com/should-you-use-a-prep-spray-on-the-client/

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 Why are some areas of my client turning green when I am spraying them?

Do not panic and read the following: Armpits will turn green if you spray the client and they have deodorant on. Also if the skin has any sweat or product residue ( from the shower for example) Those areas will tun green as well when they come in contact with the spray tan solution.

Explain to your client that this is temporary and the green will go away when they rinse off. If the solution was spoiled the entire body would be green (common sense would dictate that it would not pick or choose areas to discolor so please keep that in mind) Also you can spray some solution in a paper towel before you apply to test. If it sprays brown that is clear indication that the solution is good and that the client did not prep properly!

I always recommend using our prep spray on the client before the spray tan application to help ensure a clean canvas.

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 How do I use the rapid tan -are there Instructions?

Even if you have used a rapid tanning product before please take a look at my specific recommendations. Every manufacturer’s rapid tan is formulated different with different dha strengths so the processing time will vary. So it is important that you try the product first according to my instructions to get the best results.*

The recommended time frame to leave on before rinsing is as follows:

1 hour- Light (6%)

2 hours- Medium (8%)

3 hours-Medium dark (10%)

4 hours Dark (12%)

The rapid tan is not recommended to be left on for more that 4 hours. ( Only in cases where the client was resistant the first time)

If you have a fair skinned client or are not sure how long they should leave it on for, it is recommended that you start at 1 hour and gradually increase the time as the next session.

Important tips:

You must advise the client that just like with the regular solution they can not sweat or get wet until the rinse off as that can affect the tan development.

They must do a water rinse only. No soaps or body wash.

Do not apply any oils, lotions, perfumes to the skin after the first rinse. That is because the tan will still continue to develop over the next 12 hours. They can use lotion the next day.

*Always advise the client that with the rapid product it is normal to not see much color or any at all after the initial rinse! This is normal as the tan is still developing and not to panic. They will see color as time progresses. They are just getting the convenience of being able to rinse off in a quicker amount of time but the tan will still take the normal time to develop.

Please see our blog as well! https://perfectglowsunless.com/use-rapid-spray-tan/



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 What is the shelf life of the solution?

Our solutions are Paraben free. Unopened shelf life is approx 8 months if stored in a cool area.

Once opened shelf life is approx 6-7 months as long as stored in a  cool environment (75 degrees or less) Do not freeze

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 How much solution should I use?

Perfect Glow Sunless is a water based solution. It is thinner that other solutions on the market without thickening agents that can clog your gun. It is recommended that no more than  2-3 ounces (max) be used on an average size client.

If you experience any dripping, beading or a very wet application while spraying then that means your gun setting is open too high. You will need to close up the gun flow a little bit.

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 What is the difference between the regular solution and the rapid tan?

The regular solution is designed to be left on the skin for at least 8-10 hours to develop before rinsing off.

The rapid tan is an accelerated formulation that will allow the client to rinse off in 1-4 hours depending on the darkness wanting to be achieved.

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Why are areas of the client green?

This is a question that I get asked my many airbrush tanners and understandably they are freaking out. No one wants to see green on a client rather than a beautiful bronze. This can happen for a few reasons which I am going to discuss here to make you at ease and help you troubleshoot the issue with these spray tan tips..

The first thing is to remember that you should always store your spray tan solution in a cool, dark place under 75 degrees. Many salons use a refrigerator (especially in the warmer tropical climates) and that is OK as long as the solution does not get frozen. In my experience the client turning green is not the result of bad solution, While of course this can happen common sense will dictate that if a client was sprayed with bad solution their entire body would be green. When spray tanners contact me it is usually only a certain area of the body that looks greenish. Bad solution will not “pick and choose” what areas to turn green while being applied to the skin. Also I always train techs should always spray into a paper towel before starting the application. You want to make sure that the cosmetic bronzer looks good prior to starting an application.

Keep in mind that may times you may see a ring of green around the bottle cap or even on the sides of the bottle. This is caused by oxidation, when you take off the cap to pour it gets exposed to air that will cause this effect. Also some techs drip solution down the bottle if they pour fast and forget to wipe it off. This will turn green because it is being exposed to air. This is localized and does not mean the solution has turned. As long as the bronzer looks good w hen spraying in a paper towel rest assured that the solution is good and it is OK to use on a client.

So all that being said…then why does this happen?

Many times while spraying a client you will notice the armpits turning green. This is the most common area and is a result of them having antiperspirant/deodorant on .The DHA turns it green once it comes in contact and just make sure that you advise the client that it will wash off with their first shower and will not effect the final color of their tan.

There are other areas that you can see this with as well and it is a result of the client not properly prepping for their spray tan. Residue on the skin such as sweat, perfumes, lotions and more can turn areas of the body green while spraying them. I recently had a client who didn’t rinse off even the night before and the bottoms of her bum were turning green as I sprayed them, That was due to sweat.

So when this happens, again remember as long as its not the entire body and only certain areas this is a result from poor prep. As good measure you should bring it to the clients attention and give a basic explanation as to why it occurred. Also as mentioned earlier,  ensure that it will rinse off in the shower and not effect the final color, This will eliminate the chance that the client notices it later and you can help prevent a panicking text or phone call.

That is why it is very important to use a prep spray on your client  prior to spraying them client. Many people think that they might have prepped properly that actually haven’t. Using our prep spray can help ensure all residue is removed from the skin to help avoid any issue. http://shop.yourperfectglow.com/Pre-tan-prep-spray-8-oz_p_63.html

If you experience this issue when using a self tanning product check the expiration date. However the dha in self tanners can spoil quicker as many people store it in the bathroom and not in a cool area. But if there are only certain areas of your body appearing green it is because you have a barrier on your skin and will come off when you rinse off.




 Do you offer refunds?

There are no refunds on spray tan solution or self tanning / aftercare products. Please make sure that you thoroughly,y review your order before completing your purchase. If you have any product questions please contact us before purchasing.